Terms of purchase

1. Order
When ordering, an agreement on purchase is made when flagz.se has confirmed the order via email.
The order confirmation is generated automatically without manual review.
If you have not received an order confirmation within 24 hours, please contact us on info@flagz.se .
To be able to shop on flagz.se, you must be 18 years of age or have a guardian’s consent.
The prices include VAT with 25%
The shopping cart shows the total price for the goods, including VAT, shipping and any invoicing fee.
As long as your order has not been processed, it is possible to stop it by contacting Customer
Service. Enter the order number and full name, then we will confirm if it is possible to cancel your
NOTE! Even if you contacted us before the order was processed, we may not have time to read your
email before your order is sent.
If the order has already been processed, you can return it to us when you have received the delivery
Shipping costs
More information about shipping methods and shipping costs can be found at the order checkout
We reserve the right to make typos in the form of factual and price information and reserve the right
to correct this afterwards.
Mass orders
We reserve the right to stop mass orders or limit purchases to a maximum of 1 item per purchase or

2. Payment
Card payment
We accept VISA / MasterCard. Select payment method ”Card / Direct payment” at checkout. No
transaction cost will be added.
Upon payment, the amount is reserved in your account and is only deducted when your order is sent
from us.
We reserve the right not to process orders if we believe we have reason to do so (eg in case of
suspicion of fraudulent purchase). If this is the case, no money will be deducted from the card and
the order will be deleted.
Your payment is made on an SSL-encrypted page through ecster.
ecster meets the requirements for PCI DSS and is one of Sweden’s leading providers of online
Direct payment
We accept Direct payment, currently only via SEB,Choose payment method Card / Direct payment at
checkout. No transaction cost will be added
When you cancel an order that has not been sent, we usually refund you within 1-2 days, but no
later than within 14 days. If you have chosen card payment, no money has normally been deducted
and no refund will therefore be made.

3. Delivery
time Stock goods are normally sent within 1-4 working days within Sweden, and vary depending on
whether the goods are in web warehouse or in external warehouse. The date we estimate to send
the order is always stated at checkout before purchase. After dispatch, the delivery time may vary
depending on the chosen delivery method.
Exceptions may occur in the event of a very high order intake, in which case mailings may be delayed
for one or a couple of days.
If an item is out of stock, the order is normally sent as soon as all items are in stock.
If most of the order can be delivered, we will in some cases make a partial delivery.
No extra shipping costs will be added for partial deliveries that take place on our initiative.
Delivery to Denmark, Finland and Norway normally takes 1-4 working days from the time we send
the order.
Partial delivery
By contacting customer service , you can request to have your order partially delivered, this is done
at an extra shipping cost.
cost The shipping cost is from SEK 29 incl. VAT.
The shipping cost is automatically calculated on weight / volume and is clearly stated at checkout.
Delivery method
Smaller shipments with a value below SEK 300 incl. VAT can be sent with delivery method Letter /
Bulky letter. Shipments sent by letter / bulky letter are not insured against losses or transport
damage. We also offer delivery in certain weight classes with PostNord Varubrev, they are partially
traceable but not insured against loss or damage. If you instead choose PostNord MyPack Collect
(optional for very heavy shipments), your shipment is insured against loss and damage.
We reserve the right to post-charge SEK 150 excluding VAT if the delivery takes place to a box
address, if the stated postal code is incorrect
Changing the transport assignment
A package remains with the agent for 14 days before it is returned to the sender. (Does not apply to
Letters / Bulky letters) If you have entered the wrong address or postcode by mistake, and the order
has been sent from us, we need to perform a ”Change of transport order”. You must then contact
customer serviceto implement the change. The change costs SEK 150 incl. VAT, which is the
forwarder’s cost, without any additions on our part. The price applies to shipments within Sweden
and we will invoice you in arrears. The freight forwarder has at least 24 hours processing time for
such a change.
Uncollected consignment Uncollected parcel consignment
will be charged a fee of currently SEK 150 incl. VAT to cover FLAGZ.SE shipping and administration
costs. New shipping costs will be added if the shipment is to be sent again. In the case of free
delivery, a new shipping cost is determined on the weight / volume of the shipment.
Uncollected letter mail (Letter, Bulky letter, Goods letter) a fee of currently SEK 75 incl. VAT to cover
FLAGZ.SE shipping and administration costs. New shipping costs will be added if the shipment is to
be sent again. In the case of free delivery, a new shipping cost is determined on the weight / volume
of the shipment.
Delivery delay
If a delivery delay occurs, we will notify you of this by e-mail, if we are the cause of the delay. There
may be occasions that make it impossible for us to complete the delivery, for example when our
supplier is unable to fulfill its commitment to us.
Damaged goods
Damage to packaging / outer packaging and non-visible damage should be reported to the
forwarder, within a reasonable time. Visible damage is reported with advantage immediately upon
collection. Complaints and claims can be made to your agent. All packaging must be saved for
possible inspection. Always give feedback to customer service with a complaint number when you
have lodged a complaint with the forwarder.
PostNord: 0771-33 33 10

4. Return
The following instructions / conditions also apply to replacement.
Open purchase
We offer open purchase within 30 days in addition to the statutory right of withdrawal. 30 days open
purchase is limited to return only of unopened packaging and unused products. We reserve the right
to refuse an open purchase if these requirements cannot be met and then return the products
against shipping costs.
Right of withdrawal
The right of withdrawal is regulated in the ” Act (2005: 59) on distance contracts and contracts
outside business premises ”.
As a consumer (private person), you have a 14-day right of withdrawal from the time you have
received an item we have sent you. You do not have to state a reason when you regret your
purchase within 14 days. The right of withdrawal expires 14 days after the day when you or any third
party, but not the transport company received the goods or in the case of partial delivery when you
or any third party, but not the transport company received the last goods physically.
If you want to exercise your right of withdrawal, you must notify us by email or post within 14 days,
but you can also return directly within 14 days without first contacting us.
If the above alternative does not suit you, you have the legal right to use the standard form for
exercising the right of withdrawal that the Swedish Consumer Agency has produced.
You must return the item to us in accordance with the instructions below without undue delay and
at least no later than 14 days after the day on which you notified us that you will exercise the right of
The product must be complete. This means that all accessories (remote control, operating
instructions, batteries, etc.) must be included in the return.
Some product areas are not covered by the right of withdrawal, if the product’s sealing or sealing is
broken. These products can therefore not be returned. Examples of these product areas are:
headsets, headphones, confectionery, cosmetics, massage oils, products with license keys and
intimate products.
FLAGZ.SE reserves the right to charge a cost price for any. missing parts / accessories, instead of
denying the exercise of the right of withdrawal, if possible.
The right of withdrawal normally provides a refund in full. If the product has been handled to a
greater extent than necessary, we deduct the depreciation of a product. Normally, the deduction is
our cost price to replace missing, used or damaged goods or parts of goods, but can also be a
deduction for reduced value due to how the product was used.
Companies have no right of withdrawal.
To avoid problems when you want to exercise the right of withdrawal, contact customer service
before sending goods back if you are unsure.
To exercise the right of withdrawal, you apply for a return to Service & Help within 14 days for the
right of withdrawal or 30 days for an open purchase. You will then receive a return shipping note.
You submit the package to a representative for POSTNORD
You pay the return shipping cost (SEK 70 incl. VAT) when exercising the right of withdrawal. This is
deducted from the credited amount when the return is received. The cost of SEK 70 applies both
when returning through FLAGZ.SE
Shipments received without information or sender are sorted out and saved for two months, after
which they are discarded if no claim has been received.
Uncollected consignment is not considered an exercise of the right of withdrawal.
When exercising the right of withdrawal or open purchase, we will refund you for both goods and
original shipping cost if the entire order is returned (but then extra delivery costs are not counted
due to you choosing another delivery method than the cheapest standard delivery we offer) The
refund is usually within 1 -2 days, but no later than within 14 days from the day we were notified of
your decision to exercise the right of withdrawal (provided that the return has been received in full).
We will refund you with the same means of payment that you used when ordering. The refund will
not cost you anything.

5. Complaints
If you want to return a broken product, apply for RMA at Service & Help , where you will receive a
free return shipping note and can return the product for troubleshooting. Some products we do not
take back but instead replace directly, this is clear when you apply for RMA.
If we assess that a product is not affected by defects covered by the factory warranty, the product is
returned against shipping cost for return and return shipping of SEK 140 incl. VAT.
Before the customer can be charged additional repair or troubleshooting costs, the customer is
Complaints about goods must be submitted within a reasonable time from the time you as a
customer discovered, or should have discovered the defect. The right of complaint for a product
expires in any case after 1 years.
To avoid unnecessary complaints, it is a good idea to first contact the brand manufacturer of the
product for support / assistance.
By complaining about a product to us, you accept our Complaints and Warranty Terms.
In the event of a dispute, FLAGZ.SE follows ARN’s recommendations.

6. Warranty terms
The technical professional provides a 1-year factory warranty on all goods unless otherwise stated.
For products with included accessories such as batteries and headphones, the manufacturer’s
warranty applies, which may be shorter than the main product’s warranty (however, three months is
the shorter).
The warranty means that we replace or repair a broken product within the warranty period.
The warranty is valid from the date of purchase and covers manufacturing and material defects.
Wear and tear damage is not covered by the warranty.
Furthermore, the guarantee does not apply in the event of damage caused by an accident or
negligence (so-called Handling Errors).
The guarantee does not cover defects caused by changes or interventions in the product made by
the owner that have not been made by FLAGZ.SE
The warranty does not cover faults caused by transport damage, voltage faults, lightning or theft.
The guarantee does not reimburse costs for installation, travel, etc.
If the defect in the product cannot be remedied, FLAGZ.SE has the right to replace the product with
a new one or one with equivalent performance without asking the customer.
Any extended warranty from the manufacturer is handled directly by the manufacturer. Of course,
we are happy to help you with contact information for each manufacturer.
Of course, we follow the Consumer Purchase Act’s recommendations for warranty on new products.
All repairs are performed by the respective manufacturer or its agent. It is thus the same conditions
as if you bought the product in a physical store.
Please note that the manufacturer has up to three attempts to repair the product before they are
required to replace it.
The factory warranty can not be transferred to another party but only applies to the person on the
receipt / invoice.
The technical professional does not compensate for loss of data information in any warranty and
service matters, but it is the customer’s responsibility to make backup copies on an ongoing basis.
If we assess that a product is not affected by defects covered by the factory warranty, the product is
returned against shipping cost for return and return shipping of SEK 140 incl. VAT.
It must always be possible to present a receipt / invoice when exercising a guarantee!
More information is available at Service & Help

7. Privacy and security Personal information
When you place your order with us, you provide your personal information such as name, address
and telephone number (Personal number when paying invoices). In connection with your
registration and order, you agree that we store and use your information in our business to fulfill our
obligations to you. We also document communications that we have with you via e-mail, this to
provide the service that you expect from us.
FLAGZ.SE will not disclose your personal information to third parties. If you want to subscribe to our
e-mails, we will send you information and product offers via e-mail. This can be easily removed by
clicking on a link at the bottom of the email.
According to the Personal Data Act, you have the right to receive the information we have registered
about you. If it is incorrect, incomplete or irrelevant, you can request that the information be
corrected or deleted.
FLAGZ.SE reserves the right to communicate marketing material via text messages and emails during
major campaigns on occasion. Subscription can take place according to instructions in the respective

8. Privacy Policy and GDPR
The technology professional protects your privacy and processes your personal data in accordance
with all applicable laws and regulations. Read our complete Privacy Policy here

9. Cookies
Cookies are information sent from various sites and stored on your hard drive. These are used for
the sites to recognize their users when they return next time.
With the help of cookies, we analyze our traffic to distinguish patterns in how a service is used.
These analyzes form the basis for the development of the service’s content and design.
FLAGZ.SE neither sells nor exchanges personal information about its users unless we have your
express consent to do so.
We simply use the information we collect to improve the service for our users.
By using the website, you accept that we store information about you as a user.
Collection of data for third parties
Third- party providers, including Google, display advertisements for FLAGZ.SE through searches on
http://www.google.se and on websites on the Internet where Google displays advertisements.
Third-party providers, including Google, use cookies to serve ads based on the user’s previous visits
to this website. Visitors can choose to remove Google’s use of cookies by going to Google’s opt-out
via this link: http://www.google.com/privacy/ads.

10. Dispute
In the event of a dispute, FLAGZ.SE follows ARN’s recommendations. Via this link
http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr you can read more about the rules that the EU has developed
for consumer disputes and about online dispute resolution (ODR).

11. Force majeure
In the event of war, natural disaster, industrial action, government decisions, non-delivery from
subcontractors, or similar event beyond our control which could not reasonably be foreseen and
affects agreements entered into from FLAGZ.SE which means that FLAGZ.SE can not keep the said
agreement , shall form the basis for FLAGZ.SE to be released from its obligations to fulfill the said